Using Elide with Gradle

Elide provides first-class support for Gradle via the Gradle Plugin for Elide.

Installing the plug-in

The plug-in is available via the Gradle plug-in portal. Make sure to check for the latest version upon installation:

To use the plug-in from the Kotlin DSL:

plugins {
  id("dev.elide.buildtools.plugin") version "<version here>"

To use the plug-in from the Groovy DSL:

plugins {
  id "dev.elide.buildtools.plugin" version "<version here>"

Supported features

The Gradle plug-in helps wire together Elide-based projects which use Gradle as a build-tool. Depending on the structure of your project, you can use the plug-in to:

  • Build server targets. Use the plug-in to pull in and reference static assets, embed SSR scripts, and more.
  • Frontend target. Use the plug-in to wire together a Kotlin JS target or Node JS build.
  • SSR scripts. Compile and bundle SSR scripts for use embedded in your server targets.