Using Elide with Bazel

Elide support for Bazel is experimental at this time. There is a set of rules which can be pulled into your project. The rules currently are not well documented, but provide support for the following:

  • Running tests using Elide. This uses Elide as a runtime, similar to Node JS-style tests.
  • Running app binaries using Elide. Targets built otherwise with Bazel can be run using Elide as a runtime.
Planned features

Anticipated features for eventual release w.r.t. Bazel tooling for Elide include:

  • Full parity with Gradle. There are not yet rules for building application components, similar to the Gradle plugin. These are planned for the future.
  • Packaged Maven targets for use with Bazel. Structured dependency targets for Elide libraries would be reall useful and is planned for the future.

Please file an issue on the main repo if you need additional Bazel features -- we are looking for feedback on what is needed.

Installing the Bazel Rules for Elide

The Bazel rules are currently included with the runtime repository. At a later date, these rules will be moved to their own repository; stay tuned for updates on that repo.

Near the beginning of your WORKSPACE file:

load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:http.bzl", "http_archive")

ELIDE_RUNTIME_VERSION = "main"    # recommended: pin to a commit hash
ELIDE_RUNTIME_FINGERPRINT = None  # update after pin

    name = "elide_runtime",
    strip_prefix = "runtime-%s" % ELIDE_RUNTIME_VERSION,
    urls = ["" % (ELIDE_RUNTIME_VERSION)],

Near the end of your WORKSPACE file:

# elide

load("@elide_runtime//tools/defs/elide:bindist.bzl", "elide_bindist_repository")

    name = "elide",
Pinning a version of the Elide CLI

By default, the latest available version of the Elide tool is used (which was available at the time of the commit to runtime). To pin to a specific version, amend your WORKSPACE file:

# ... everything from above ...

    name = "elide",
    version = "1.0-v3-alpha3-b1",

Usage from Bazel

Coming soon.